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NCL NewsLetters

The following NCL-CAM NewsLetters are available upon request or can be viewed with the acrobat reader!

Volume XVI. No. I
NCCS is rolling into a new market segment with the release of its Tire Mold Applications Library (TMAL). The TMAL is being released with NCL-CAM V9.2 and provides features and processes that facilitate the modeling, assembly and 5-axis machining of tire mold patterns.

Volume XV. No. II
Ripi Precision Company Inc. located in Farmingdale, New York, is a prime example of what happens when you mix old world craftmanship and modern technology.

VolumeXIV Issue 1
Matrix Tooling Inc. located in Bryan, Ohio, specializes in making complex patterns for the automotive industry on high-speed 3-axis CNC machines.

Volume XIII Issue 1
N.M.F. Canada is strategically located in the heart of the Canadian aerospace community in Mirabel, Quebec, fabricates the aluminum skin which covers the structural skeleton of airplane wings.

Volume XII Issue 3
Advanced Machine & Stretch-forming International, Inc. (AMSI) located in Gardena, California, primarily an aerospace machining company launched a modernization and equipment refurbishment program designed to make it a world class entity in machining and stretch forming.

Volume XII Issue 2
Pacific Contours located in Anaheim, California open new shop to capitalize on the coming opportunity. The company now provides specialized services, on-time delivery, quality control, and competitive rates.

Volume XII Issue 1
Paragon Precision Products, a division of Stellex located in Valencia, California, is a key player in the relatively small number of companies specializing in fabricating radial turbomachinery components.

Volume XI Issue 3
The Universal Postprocessor - PostWorks: The missing link is found. The most important file produced by any CAM system is the NC program that will run the machine tool.

Volume XI Issue 2
NCL-CAM - The industry NC software leader is a favorite with aerospace NC programming service bureaus.

Volume XI Issue 1
NCCS announces a new technology agreement and strategic alliance with Dassault Systems (Paris, France), which will enable Dassault to integrate multi-axis machining technology developed by NCCS into the CATIA manufacturing product line.

Autofact Issue
NCCS will be displaying the latest release of VARIMETRIX and NCL-CAM software at the upcoming Autofact show in Detroit, Michigan.

IMTS Issue
NCCS will be displaying both its NCL 5-axis CAM software and its VARIMETRIX 3D solid modeling software in its booth at the upcoming IMTS show.

Volume X Issue 1
New machining capabilities in the latest version of NCL-CAM including: shrouded impellers made easy; complex structural parts made easy; rotary blisks made easy; and sculptured composite parts made easy.