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Elliott Company

A global leader in design, manufacture, installation and service of turbomachinery

Part Machining Programming
That Powers The World

To manufacturers there are few things more costly than idle machines. For well over a decade, Elliott has relied on NCL software to keep the companys most valuable equipment running. With over $15 Million worth of equipment machining parts that can cost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, programming errors are not an option. NCL with the IPV (In-Process-Verification) option gives programmers the tools needed to quickly create complex programs, develop utilities automating routines and graphically verifying the tool path . . . before the program is sent to the machine.

Elliott manufactures turbomachinery products such as: air and gas compressors, steam turbines, power recovery turbines, bow thrusters and power generating equipment that are used around the globe.

Like many companies, Elliott is pursuing lean manufacturing methods. Many aspects of NC programming are typically wasteful. Ideally you would have to program certain things only once, such as thread milling routines or other standard operation. Because NCL has a powerful language based core, Elliott is able to write labor saving macro programs to handle these common operations. Powerful utilities providing consistent, standardized code for the operators are created by using variable inputs and programming logic. As a result, these common routines reduce programming time, NC setup and dry run time, and bolster operator confidence.

Because of NCL's ability to accurately verify the part program prior to machining, Elliott cuts wasted motion, maintains total control of tool paths, and enjoys reduced scrap and rework. NCL has the power to easily handle Elliotts complex 5-axis milling and turning applications.