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What are all of NCL Features?

NCL is a powerfull CAM Software System with maximum flexibility;
Here are the top 5 Features

| Guarenteed Optimised NC Code

| Gives total control which means perfect results

| Has been developed with Flexibility being upmost priority

| Custom Routines

| 5 Axis Simulataneous

NCL Features

Flank milling options include:

  • Parallel to iso-lines
  • Perpendicular to floor and tangent to drive surface
  • Fanning from surface to surface
  • Combined fanning and iso-line machining
  • Combined fanning and perpendicular to floor/tangent to drive surface
  • Guide curve avoid option
  • Apply tilt and slew angles
  • Specify a lock-out vector for 4-axis simultaneous machining

Bottom milling options include:

  • Normal to surface being machined
  • Normal to a control surface while machining other surfaces
  • Automatic gouge avoidance
  • Apply tilt and slew angles
  • Specify a lock-out vector for 4-axis simultaneous machining

Special modes:

  • Automatically lock the tool axis when generating corners
  • Tool axis passing through a point
  • Tool axis passing through a 3D curve
  • Interpolation between a start and end vector


NCL's automated roughing is fast, efficient and easy-to-use.

  • Quickly roughs large imported models
  • Recognizes stock and part geometry
  • Stock models can be included with the model to be machined or the system will automatically calculate a contour or rectangular stock model
  • The user can specify the bottom and top levels or the system will automatically calculate the extent of the area to machine.
  • Machine the entire model or only a selected portion of the model
  • Machine the model from any tool axis orientation
  • The toolpath is fully associative. Simply open a new model containing engineering changes and regenerate the toolpath.
  • The roughing parameters can be saved as a template that can be used to quickly machine similar components
  • Ability to rough revolved models, such as tire molds


High-production pocketing quickly generates efficient toolpaths.

  • Entry methods include: user-defined, plunge, ramp, and helical
  • Choose between multiple entry locations or a single entry location
  • Automatically define pre-drilled entry locations
  • Machine from the inside out or outside in
  • Automatically arc all sharp corners for HSM.
  • Machine all pockets at a constant z-level or machine to depth one pocket at a time

Integrated VoluMill ™

VoluMill ™ technology can be used with the pocketing and roughing machining methods

  • Ultra-high Performance toolpath
  • Optimum feeds and speeds
  • Proven technology
  • Reduce cycle times up to 80%
  • Works with hard and soft metals
  • Extend cutting tool life up to 8 times


User controlled contouring allows you to go anywhere you want on the part.

  • User defined entry and exit locations
  • Automatic arc generation in corners and on entry and exit
  • Slowdown and acceleration feedrate control
  • Contour using one of many multi-axis control modes
  • Ability to drive multiple surfaces automatically

Material remaining

Smoothly carve away excess material in corners and undercut areas.

  • Cleanly whittle away material left by a previous tool using a series of decreasing circular moves
  • Using a variable tool axis strategy, efficiently machine away material left in undercut areas

Regional milling

Flexible and fast multi-axis regional milling

  • Lace and non-lace cutting strategies
  • Constant scallop or fixed distance step over options
  • Optionally generates finish pass around region
  • Supports a variety of multi-axis control modes

Flowline milling

Smooth finishing along surface iso-lines

  • Supports trimmed and non-trimmed surfaces
  • User specified starting point and cut direction
  • Scallop height and fixed distance step over options
  • Machine to surface boundaries or specify a boundary

Multiple surface machining

Machine an entire part or group of surfaces using a single operation.

  • Typically used with mold and die parts
  • User specified starting point and cut direction
  • Scallop height and fixed distance step over options
  • Machine to surface boundaries or specify a boundary
  • Scrub, Lace, and unidirectional machining styles are supported

Profile machining

Machining along curves

  • Machine along the entire curve or section of curve
  • User specified starting point and cut direction
  • User defined entry and exit methods
  • Automatic milling at multiple depths
  • Machining of 3 dimensional curves

Letter engraving

Automatic engraving of letters

  • Multiple fonts available
  • User defined letter size
  • User defined entry and exit methods
  • Machine at multiple depths

Hole making

From manual picking to complete automation, hole making couldn't be faster

  • Point, click and drill a single hole or a pattern of holes
  • Import a file containing hole locations and automatically perform a series of hole operations at each location
  • Graphically simulate and output all standard cycles
  • Special 'point-vector' entity makes multi-axis hole operations simple
  • Pattern definition and arrays make it easy to optimize and perform operations on large numbers of holes
  • Helical and circular boring operations

Feedrate control

  • The user has full control of approach, entry, machining, transition, and retract feedrates.
  • During sequential milling the user can specify a different feedrate for each individual cut
  • Automatic slowdown and acceleration feedrate control in corners
  • Automatically calculates true-surface feedrate when generating arcs


  • Geometric models can be created using associativity and can be parametrically driven by a table of variables. Ideal for part families and incorporating engineering changes
  • Toolpaths are associated with the geometric model. A change to the model results in an immediate change to corresponding toolpaths
  • An imported model can be mathematically compared to a previously machined model. Differences are clearly identified and the original toolpaths can be re-applied to the new model

Opposite hand parts

  • Mirror the part and simply re-apply automated toolpaths
  • User-defined sequential toolpaths can be automatically reversed to retain original cut direction

Save your experience

Machining strategies, tool selections, feeds and speeds and more can be saved and applied to future projects. Advanced programmers can define the best practices desired for your organization and beginning programmers use the data to produce expert and consistent results.

Application libraries

General-purpose CAM solutions may not always address the unique requirements of your application. That is why NCCS has developed a suite of special Application Libraries that provide manufacturing solutions for specific applications. Libraries are currently available for the following applications:

  • Structural aerospace components
  • Turbo-machinery: airfoils, blisks and impellers
  • Tire molds
  • Port machining