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IPV In-Proccess-Verification Software

NCL/IPV - NCL In-Process-Verification) is NCL's integrated numerical control simulation and verification module.

NCL/IPV is a fast and accurate way to simulate the material-removal process of NC toolpaths. The user can instantly verify toolpaths at any time during an NCL session.

NCL/IPV can also verify existing toolpaths from NCL or other CAM systems. NCL/IPV significantly reduces the need for costly tape prove-outs and ensures accurate, efficient, and safe NC programs.

Features of IPV - In-Proccess-Verification Software

Standard Features

  • NCL/IPV is fully integrated into NCL allowing toolpaths to be simulated.
  • The part model can be quickly dynamically rotated, zoomed, and panned at any time during the simulation.
  • Errors are detected automatically, including: rapid cuts, tool holder collisions, and collisions with clamps and fixtures.
  • The cut part can be compared to NCL CAM surfaces or a solid model and then saved and reloaded in subsequent sessions.
  • The monitor panel displays the progress and status of the current simulation.
  • Form tools and holders can be defined from free-form solids of revolution.
  • Stock and fixture models can be created using extrusions, blocks, cylinders, solids of revolution, and imported STL models.
  • Material removed by each cutter can be automatically displayed in a different color.
  • The volume of the cut part can be displayed any time during the simulation.
  • Models can be sectioned through any specified plane.
  • Machining of deep features can be observed by making the stock and cutter translucent.
  • You have the ability to step back and forth through the simulation, putting back on the material that was removed and then reprocessing the cut.
  • NCL/IPV is a multi-threaded product, improving its speed on multi-core computers.
  • The NCL/IPV interface is completely customizable by the user through the use of an interactive design facility.

Machine Simulation Features

  • NCL/MS (Machine Simulation) is fully integrated into NCL.
  • The NCL/MS software allows users to perform realistic simulation of toolpaths and the movement of the CNC machine, simultaneously.
  • Collisions are detected between all machine tool components including axis slides, heads, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, work pieces, cutting tools, and user-defined objects.
  • Users can easily identify machine specific problems on the spot which aids in the machining of complex five-axis moves and/or high-speed machining.
  • Standard mills and lathes are supported along with specialized machines, such as mill/turns, ultrasonic blades, and stringer drilling machines.
  • Multiple spindles may be defined and active at the same time, supporting multi-spindle gantry and spar machines.
  • Attaching the part model to the machine is simplified using virtual tooling pins.


  • Save time by eliminating costly tape prove-outs and dry runs. NCL/IPV helps you machine the part right the first time.
  • Save money by eliminating machine tool crashes, scrapped parts, and damaged tooling.
  • Increase production by reducing machine downtime and cycle time.
  • Increase productivity by correcting errors and optimizing toolpaths before the program reaches the machine.
  • Improve quality by inspecting the part on the screen before a chip ever flies.
  • Improve skills while saving money by training operators, programmers and other personnel on the computer rather than in the shop.
  • Enhance documentation by providing operators with realistic images and/or simulations of machining operations.

Advantages over stand-alone verification products

  • NCL/IPV is fully integrated with NCL. No wasting time exiting NCL and preparing special files.
  • NCL/IPV can verify output directly from PostWorks so you know that what happens on the screen is what will happen on the machine. No reverse engineering G-code files.
  • NCL/IPV allows you to click on the cut model and the NCL command responsible for the cut is immediately displayed and made available for editing.
  • NCL/IPV is less expensive to buy and maintain than stand-alone packages. Each license of NCL/IPV comes with he ability to simulate five-axis toolpaths, define form tools and holders, and compare the cut part with a solid model. You don't have to buy a separate module for every feature you need.
  • NCL/IPV creates a true solid model, therefore dynamically rotating and zooming the model is fast. No need to sit and wait for the model to 'regenerate' just to zoom in on a detail.
  • NCL/MS is significantly faster that other products that allow rotating and zooming the model of the cut part.
  • NCL/MS shows the actual machine movement and provides greater assurance that an expensive and possibly catastrophic collision will not occur.
  • With NCL Machine Simulation, you are not simply performing a 'dry run' on an empty machine, you are also cutting the virtual part at the same time.