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PostWorks Universal Post Processor Software

PostWorks is a universal two- through 10-axis postprocessor and postprocessor generator.

PostWorks converts output from most major CAM systems into NC data files which can be used to run virtually any NC device including mills, lathes,

mill/turns, CMMs, lasers, ultrasonic cutters, and routers. A simple interface enables the user to easily establish machine configurations, control unit features,

and output file formats. PostWorks automatically creates a solid model of the machine and dynamically simulates the machine's movement. PostWorks also provides a comprehensive macro language for easy customization.

PostWorks Universal Post Processor Software Features

Standard Features

  • PostWorks has the ability to open up to 5 external files during postprocessing. This allows the user dynamically to extract information from external files to use for postprocessing or write data back to the external file during postprocessing.

  • PostWorks has the ability to look ahead for a certain postprocessor command during postprocessing. This allows the user to dynamically modify the posted output if a certain postprocessor command is located somewhere later in the input file.

  • PostWorks has the ability to configure one rotary axis for a 5-axis machine rotating around a 3D vector instead of rotates around a major axis or must lying on a major machine plane.

  • Has the option to linearize RAPID motion output if required.

  • Has the option to reduce excessive jumpy rotary motion if the input tool axis is almost aligned with the Z-axis for machine with one rotary axis rotates around the Z-axis.

  • Reads MasterCam NCI file.

Standard Features

  • Support for up to 10 axes.
  • Supports mills, lathes, mill/turns, flame cutters, laser cutters, water jets, and more.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Extensive on-line help.
  • Automatic documentation for user created postprocessors.
  • Extensive library of existing postprocessors.
  • User defined output blocks
  • Five-axis linearization.
  • Multiple circular interpolation formats.
  • Helical interpolation.
  • NURBS interpolation.
  • Automatically converts multiple linear moves to circular interpolation.
  • Feedrate support includes: feed per minute, feed per revolution, degrees per minute, and inverse time.
  • Complete CYCLE support and customization.
  • Generates CYCLE motion for machines that do not support cycles. Multiple cutter compensation formats.
  • Accurate machine time calculations.
  • Reads standard APT source files or binary CL files.
  • Macro capability for advanced customization.
  • One postprocessor solution for all your machines.
  • Easily move programs from machine to machine.
  • Replaces existing mainframe-based or unsupported postprocessors.
  • Will support future machine tool purchases.
  • User defined MCD header and trailer sections.
  • Ability to read and incorporate external files into the postprocessor calculations and output.

Advanced Features

  • The rotary axes may rotate about any orientation, allowing for the simple definition of nutating axes.
  • Special support for AC style rotaries to minimize unnecessary unwinding and large fluctuations of the C-axis.
  • Support of transformation blocks, allowing drilling cycles and circular interpolation to be output at any rotary axis orientation.
  • NURBS interpolation.
  • Accurate machine time calculations, takes into consideration the acceleration and deceleration of individual axes.
  • Comprehensive Macro language allows the user to create their own postprocessor commands and to customize the output.
  • Ability to create external files separate from the MCD output, for example operator message files, tool lists, etc.
  • Interactive editor allows conversion of one MCD format to another, the editing of clfiles, and the reverse post-processing of MCD files.