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Over 35+ Years of Experience Providing CAD/CAM Software to the Machining Industry

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Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) is dedicated to providing state of the art CAD/CAM software solutions to the manufacturing industry with special emphasis in the complex four- and five-axis CAM software.

Our goal is to assist our users with complex design and intricate machining, in addition to providing outstanding training, service and support.

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As an industry leader for over 35 years, NCCS continually meets the demands of its customers by providing the most advanced manufacturing techniques at reasonable prices. With our aggressive research and development programs, along with working extensively with our customer base, we constantly strive to enhance and refine our existing products, as well as developing new ones. Maintaining its status as a liaison between the primes and manufacturers, NCCS is dedicated to delivering reliable solutions for electronic data transfer between companies.


Founded in 1974 as a NC service bureau, NCCS rapidly became the largest such center on the West Coast. Expanding its operations into executing entire NC programming functions for its customers, the company became known for developing faster and more sophisticated programming methods. As a result, NCCS created NCL 5-axis CAM software to meet the most advanced manufacturing requirements.


Today NCCS offers a complete line of CAD/CAM software solutions including multi-axis machining, solid modeling, postprocessors, NC verification and machine simulation. Its products are used worldwide in a variety of industries which include aerospace, automotive, turbo-machinery, and molds/patterns.


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