NCL General Class

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Who Should Take This Class

The NCL General Class is designed for students who have been CNC operators or have had experience with other CAD or CAM products, who wish to become multi-axis programmers.

The course begins by introducing the NCL interface and simple geometric modeling commands and goes on to cover pocketing, profiling, drilling and four- & five-axis milling operations.

NCL General Class

Duration: 5 days (40 Hours in Total)
Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of CNC machines & the Cartesian coordinate system.
Suggested aptitudes: 3D visualization, typing skills, & knowledge of basic geometry.
$ 2,250

Class Outline

Day 1 :
The Basics
NCL system overview
NCL language basics
Introduction to NCL geometry
NCL curve and surface geometry

Day 2 :
Using IGES data/Introduction to motion
Working with IGES models
Introduction to NCL tool motion
Defining the cutter
Positioning commands
Drilling holes

Day 3 :
Creating tool motion
Continuous path motion

Day 4 :
Tool axis commands/Macros & Loops
Tool axis exercise
Macro and loop exercise

Day 5 :
Transformation/coordinate system commands REFSYS, TRACUT, and MODSYS
Postprocessor exercise


Training Class Month Date
NCL General Class (5 Day Class)
June 2022
NCL General Class (5 Day Class)
August 2022
NCL General Class (5 Day Class)
October 2022
NCL General Class (5 Day Class)
December 2022

What to expect

Class Hours
Class hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, breaking for a one-hour lunch.

What to bring
Students may bring blank media (floppy disk, CD, etc.) on which to copy their completed class files. Or, if you have access to E-mail, class files can be sent to your E-mail address.

Upon arrival, take a ticket for parking and proceed to the parking structure. NCCS is located on the 17th floor. When you arrive, please give your ticket to the class instructor. You will then be given a parking key that will provide you access to the parking structure throughout your stay with NCCS. Please be sure to return this parking key on your last afternoon of class prior to your departure.

Cancellations need to be made two weeks prior to the training date in order to obtain a full refund. Registrations are transferable if made two weeks in advance. If you need to cancel, please inform us immediately.

The class fee does not cover hotel and living expenses. The customer is responsible for their own accommodations. For a list of the local hotels, please contact Becky Robinson.

On-site training
All classes are available on-site at your location. The cost for on-site training is $1,000.00 per day plus trainer travel and subsistence expenses.
Note: Class schedules and prices are subject to change.